Who We Are

What is the Tower Lakes Community Foundation?

  • Tower Lakes Community Foundation is a non-profit entity. Investments in the foundation offer you maximum tax advantages.

  • Tower Lakes Community Foundation is the steward of a pool of capital which has been established to benefit the community.

  • Tower Lakes Community Foundation offers the potential for investors of every means to participate in the philanthropy of the community.

  • Tower Lakes Community Foundation is one of over 1,000 nationally established community foundations that is dedicated to strengthening and enriching the people and resources within the community.

How Your Investment Benefits the Community

  • Your investment helps to build and grow a self-sustaining community resource.

  • Your foundation dollars are invested in Tower Lakes and will benefit community projects and local organizations serving the needs of our unique community.

  • Your investment will afford TLCF multiple financial opportunities that previously were unattainable prior to the establishment of the community foundation. TLCF can pursue additional funding, such as matching grants and other outside philanthropic capital.

Current Board Members

Kathleen Leitner (President)

Bob Glowaki (Vice President)

Jan Bahr (Secretary)

Jane Cook (Treasurer)

John Gillett

Mike Lanning

Missy Sandberg

Gwen Torstenson

Many thanks to our prior board members:

Annalisa Barrie

Betsy Brookbank

David Burnidge

Mike DeLapp

Kathy Featherstone

Carol Hannagan

Mary Kate Harazin

Tim Hughes

Joe Kainz

Eric Lunt

Pat McKillen

Chrissie Mena

Brooke Rowley

Mike Rigali

Pati Schaefer

Karen Yancey