September 2018

What has “The Foundation” been up to?

The Tower Lakes Community Foundation (TLCF) is your local registered 501c(3) founded 9 years ago by community residents to serve ALL of the neighborhoods of Tower Lakes. Our mission: “to maintain and improve the quality of life in the Village of Tower Lakes.”

So, what have we done to help fulfill our mission?

We have awarded grants to the community including, but not limited to, the following activities…

    • helped with the purchase of Barclay's Woods to preserve this natural filtration area for our lakes

    • holding donated funds for a Community Center Feasibility Study

    • helped fund the Tower Lakes Beautification Committee for Trees

    • helped with funding for the 2014 Community New Year’s Eve party

    • working to ensure the health of our watershed through carp removal, fish shocking, fish restocking and shoreline improvement

    • collection and distribution of funds for the TL Police Safety vests

    • the 2018 TL Police Back-to-School Party with Bus Safety

    • (new) the installation of two(2) water spigots at the Gazebo and beach and a water fountain near the beach parking lot

And of course, we have worked to bring the community together for some “fun(d) raising” through our Big Night Dinners and Auctions #1-8!

Again, if you would like to know more about TLCF and how we work, or you would like to see about how grant process works, please, visit our website at